The Seaway Bridge accepts cash or our own Seaway Transit Cards.

If payment is by cash, the toll attendant will provide you with change and a receipt if requested.


The Seaway Bridge has a system which allows patrons to purchase a Seaway Transit Card for toll transactions. Once depleted, the Seaway Transit Card can be reloaded again and again at the tollbooth and can be used for years. Seaway Transit Cards for individual or commercial use can be purchased at the tollbooths at any time.


The benefits of using our Seaway Transit Card include a 10% discount on all transits and patrons are spared the concern of  making sure they have cash on hand to pay for transits.  Using a card also speeds up traffic flow and reduces the time spent at the toll booth for transactions.


Any amount can be deposited to a Seaway Transit Card.  However, the minimum deposit on a card for personal use is $30.00 while the minimum on a card for commercial use is $100.00.


When you purchase your Seaway Transit Card, you will be given a Registration Slip.  You can complete it and return it to a toll attendant on your next trip through, or send it to us via fax, email or regular mail.  Registration of your Seaway Transit Card will ensure that if it is lost or stolen, we are able to provide you with a refund of the balance.


If your Seaway Transit Card is lost or stolen, please contact us and report it immediately.