Commercial patrons who use the Three Nations Bridge Crossing on a regular basis can open a corporate account with the Seaway Bridge allowing them to be invoiced on a bi-monthly basis.

Patrons can receive up to 10 corporate cards free of charge with additional cards available at $5.00 each. All requests for additional cards must be done in writing by fax, email or regular mail.

A security deposit is required equal to the value of 2 months of transits. For example, if your company has monthly transits of approximately $300, a security deposit of $600 will be required.

One of the benefits of using the corporate card is receiving a detailed listing of all card usage dates and times twice each month.

To download a credit application or for more information about opening a corporate account, CLICK HERE.


Some trucking companies choose to use the prepaid Seaway Transit Cards for individual vehicles to take advantage of the 10% discount. These cards are the same that our regular passenger traffic use, the only difference is that we request minimum deposits of $100 rather than the passenger vehicle $30 because of the higher toll transit rates for trucks.


Please notify the Seaway International Bridge Office immediately if one of your Seaway Corporate Cards is lost or stolen. Transits charged to a Seaway Corporate Card that is not reported, will be the sole responsibility of the bearer.